Texas Hold’em – Watch and Learn on the Net

It’s easier than ever now to pick up a new hobby, to start something fresh, or to practice something you know. With access to the Internet, not only are whole databases of learning and knowledge available if you know where to look, but entertainment too – and who said learning can’t also be fun?

Watch Poker live online

If you’ve ever thought about trying poker, but worry that poker night at your friend’s will leave you empty handed, don’t despair. There are plenty of people on the Internet willing to teach you while they play – and it’s entirely free. And no, we’re not talking about YouTube here, but live entertainment. Twitch allows any Joe or Mary to stream live to crowds of people over the Internet while they play computer games or hang out with friends. It’s made for gamers, and is easily categorized into sections based on game type. But here is where I remind you that Poker is also a game, and has its own section, with thousands of regular viewers. Here you can watch professionals play Texas Hold’em, and they will explain their choices play-by-play. It could teach you a great deal, and you can just sit back and chat with the other viewers – all entirely free.


If you think you might soon be ready to start gaming with all of your friends, a good idea is to put what you’ve learned into practice online – much less pressure, and easier to control your finances! There are tons of casinos available where you can play Hold’em, and websites like this one will help you get a better idea of online casinos so that you can then go on and find just the right place.

So, watch and enjoy professionals playing Hold’em live on the net, learn all the tricks of the trade, take it online to hone your skills, and then host a poker night to beat all of your friends. Sound good?

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