Online Poker Games & The Maltese Archipelago

The ground-breaking success which Malta managed to achieve in the field of online gaming is remarkable. During these last ten years, Malta has positioned itself extremely well in the gaming industry with many flagship companies choosing to set up office in this small European archipelago. Indeed, this industry currently employs thousands of people, both foreign and local.

If one is planning to relocate to Malta, the first step is obviously to choose the right job. Numerous vacancies become available on a weekly basis and these are advertised in dedicated websites. Accessing these websites, sifting through all the job vacancies and matching them with the individual’s competencies and expectations may be a time-consuming and arduous task.

This is where professional advice should be sought. Before opting for a specific job and salary, one needs to factor in all projected expenses including taxation, accommodation, transport, and other ancillary expenses such as childcare expenses (childcare is free in Malta but one may not always be eligible). The offered contract should also be closely scrutinized for any ‘hidden’ clauses.

Residency requirements should also be discussed with professional people. One can initially apply for a tourist visa, which allows foreigners to stay in Malta for up to 90 days. However, eventually one would need to apply for a permanent residency permit. As discussed above, relocating to Malta may not be as easy as envisaged. That is why one should only contact top brokers in this field for advice with a view to avoid unpleasant surprises.

One of the opportunities for employment is the Maltese gaming industry has been growing from strength to strength for the last ten years. Indeed, it seems that the best is yet to come in view of Brexit, with many gaming companies set to relocate to Malta from Gibraltar. Are you willing to take the plunge and join the adventurous travellers in sunny Malta?

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