Poker vs Betting: Which Is Better to Play?

A good football match or poker game can easily rival any popular movie or TV show. With both poker and sports betting being fun and thrilling to engage in, you may find it difficult to choose where to invest your money. As a matter of fact, many gamblers tend to be torn between them. One parallel between poker and sports betting is that they both involving staking/putting a wager on events.

Poker Comes With Social Aspect

While poker is a card game in which you play against other gamblers, sports betting involves placing wagers on sporting events, such as tennis, boxing, football, basketball, et al. Poker punters are participants in the game; they play against each other. Punters in sports betting, on the other hand, are merely spectators/observers.

Sports Betting Gives You Multiple Options

In sports betting, you have the freedom to bet on a variety of sports, including those mentioned above. There are also numerous betting markets. In poker, you only bet on the cards in your hands.

So, Which Is Better?

Whether it’s your choice to bet on sports or play poker, the most important thing is to do what you think works for you. After all, each of these has its own pros and cons.

Poker Tournament – Want To Give It A Try?

If you ever wondered what it’s like to participate in a poker tournament, here’s a sample of that perspective.

Prior to the tournament, everyone is happy and the players are under the impression that their destiny is firmly in their hands and luck on their side. However, once they settle in and the game takes its course the atmosphere suddenly becomes stressful and intimidating, and demanding choices have to be made at every turn because people play aggressively in order to eliminate each other. If you’re interested in making it to the final table, click here for some tips.

At the final table, the presentation will significantly affect the game. Contrary to widespread belief, the losses create more emotion and self-doubt, therefore if someone is going through a losing streak it requires far greater levels of discipline. This being said, it should be mentioned that players during a Poker game tend to make their decisions based on the opponent’s physical tells. They either stare or look away in order to fool their opponents and get him/her to make a mistake.

As the game progresses, the weaker players are busted and the better ones are joined. At this point, forced bets drive the action at the table, blinds increase and the players have already gathered a huge chip stack to play with. Just at the time, when the game is being played for huge amounts of money, the focus starts to drift away and the nervousness and panic starts to kick in and you can see how the players are getting really tense and consequently start to freak out and make bizarre mistakes.

All in all, a Poker tournament is an intense, potentially life-changing experience worth trying.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are unique marketing tricks in the form of ‘free money’. They usually match the player’s deposit by some percentage of it and are primarily meant to attract new players to sign up and deposit money which is then spent on the game. Another purpose is to encourage old players to come for more and to keep playing for an extended period of time in the hope of hitting that lucrative jackpot.

There are plenty of online casino bonuses out there, tailored to meet the requirements, needs and gaming pleasures of every individual. Welcome, first deposit, no deposit, reload bonus and free spins are incorporated in the offer of every casino.

In addition to basic bonuses, online casinos usually offer numerous extra bonuses, such as cash back, free trial no deposit, refer a friend and other exclusive bonuses.

  1. Cashback bonus – returns some of the invested money to the players who have lost on their gambling session.
  2. Free trial no deposit bonus – designed for players who wish to try out games without making a deposit. Precisely for this reason this type of bonus and the winnings related to it cannot be cashed out.
  3. Refer a friend bonus – obtained by successful recruitment of friends.
  4. Exclusive bonuses – available only to certain members as a form of gratitude to their loyalty. Many casinos offer this type of bonus for poker players. You can plenty of information about poker promotions on offer from many online sources.

Bonuses listed above may come with special casino bonus codes which the player will need in order to claim the deals, thus pay attention to this as well as the wagering requirements, expiration date, and other relevant restrictions.

Playing Poker in a Tournament

Poker has become a lot more accessible in recent years with the arrival of online casinos but it was large poker tournaments that really pushed its popularity forward. There are now numerous large tournaments held around the world that offer players from all backgrounds and levels the chance to participate, showcase their talent and potentially win some huge prizes. There are a number of simple strategies to help a new tournament player gain some success in this area, a few of which are laid out below.

Firstly, tournaments are about the long game. The player needs to continually survive through the rounds, which means that they require chips. As soon as the chips are gone, so is the player. It is therefore vital that players keep a close count on the chips that they have in their possession at all times. As the rounds progress, more chips will be required so it is a good tip to try to keep the amount of chips level. For newer players, there are free rolls which can give players a leg-up in a tournament. For more information about free rolls, there’s plenty of experts willing to give advice if you’re willing to do a little research.

For inexperienced players, a good piece of advice is to have patience. Playing carefully and slowly at the beginning of the rounds will help players get the feel of the game and shouldn’t lose them too many chips. As the game progresses to later rounds, then the player can start to loosen up and open their game. It is still important to maintain concentration throughout. Many players lose this as they get nearer to the money. Called the bubble, it can be simultaneously enjoyable and stressful resulting in many mistakes. This is the point where many players will bust and go home empty-handed whilst the rest will claim some of the remaining prizes. At this time, on occasion, players will also try to make deals to split the prize. It is very important not to take a low offer and know the value of one’s chips. Most players will accept a counter offer.

Texas Hold’em – Watch and Learn on the Net

It’s easier than ever now to pick up a new hobby, to start something fresh, or to practice something you know. With access to the Internet, not only are whole databases of learning and knowledge available if you know where to look, but entertainment too – and who said learning can’t also be fun?

Watch Poker live online

If you’ve ever thought about trying poker, but worry that poker night at your friend’s will leave you empty handed, don’t despair. There are plenty of people on the Internet willing to teach you while they play – and it’s entirely free. And no, we’re not talking about YouTube here, but live entertainment. Twitch allows any Joe or Mary to stream live to crowds of people over the Internet while they play computer games or hang out with friends. It’s made for gamers, and is easily categorized into sections based on game type. But here is where I remind you that Poker is also a game, and has its own section, with thousands of regular viewers. Here you can watch professionals play Texas Hold’em, and they will explain their choices play-by-play. It could teach you a great deal, and you can just sit back and chat with the other viewers – all entirely free.


If you think you might soon be ready to start gaming with all of your friends, a good idea is to put what you’ve learned into practice online – much less pressure, and easier to control your finances! There are tons of casinos available where you can play Hold’em, and websites like this one will help you get a better idea of online casinos so that you can then go on and find just the right place.

So, watch and enjoy professionals playing Hold’em live on the net, learn all the tricks of the trade, take it online to hone your skills, and then host a poker night to beat all of your friends. Sound good?

Poker Alternatives: Other Casino Games

Poker is undoubtedly the most famous casino game around, but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Some people may find it boring, or find that it involves too much strategy for their liking. Indeed, for newbies, poker can seem a bit overwhelming. So, what other casino games are there as an alternative to poker? There are two very popular casino games which you might consider as alternatives.


There is only one place to start, really, and that is roulette. It’s an immensely popular game, and this without doubt is due to its simplicity. All you are basically doing is betting on whether the roulette ball lands on a red or black, or a certain number. Literally anybody can pick up on what to do within a minute. That’s not to say that there aren’t strategies and systems out there on how to win on roulette, because there are. However, for the novice casino player, who walks into the casino and wants to start playing something straightaway, roulette is the perfect game.


Blackjack is another immensely popular game, and although a little more complicated than roulette, it’s still relatively simple. In a nutshell, the player must make their cards add up to 21 (with the numbered cards equating their face value – for instance a 10 is worth 10 points) Kings, queens and jacks also count as 10, and aces can count as 1 or 11. Instead of playing against each other, each person is playing against the dealer. After everyone has been dealt two cards, you can decide if you want to take more cards in the quest to get to 21. If the dealer has above 16 points, they must take another. If the dealer then goes over 21 points, they go bust and everyone wins. Everyone takes their turn in being the dealer at some point.

Fun with Cards – Basics of Texas Hold’em and Blackjack

Casino games have mushroomed in the recent past, but there are certain games which have managed to remain favourites from time immemorial. Blackjack and Texas Hold’em are two such games.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a card game where the criteria for winning lies in making the best possible combination with the two hole cards and five community cards that the dealer deals. There are five stages in the game and two blind bets. The game ends with the showdown, with either a player with the best hand winning or by a bet so high that it forces all the other players to fold.


One of the more popular card games, it is played with a standard set of 52 cards. The game, though simple, requires a lot of skill and strategy. When a player implements the right moves the game pays better than other casino games. Each player is dealt with two cards and the player wins if they have a score of not more than 21. Face cards are worth 10 points while numbered cards have the same value. In any round the player or dealer can win if they have a score of 21. If less than 21 the higher score wins, whether it be dealer or player. If the score is higher than 21 then the player is busted and it is a loss.

The games seem simple, however becoming an expert in these games would require hours and hours of practice. Gamers who would like to perfect their game can gain more tips and tricks by doing some simple research.

These basic rules will surely help new players gain an entrance to and a clearer understanding of these games when they decide to play them in casinos.

How to Choose an Amazing Poker Site

Nobody would mind making money online, especially from poker, and especially if it’s your hobby. However, where to make money is more important than just deciding to make it.

  1. The room’s traffic ‒ 2 reasons to consider this: first, by seeing when it is busy you can determine whether the site focuses on your country/region. Usually busy hours are in the evening after people have finished work. No point in choosing a room which has a huge time difference with you. Secondly, more traffic equals more players; the larger the traffic, the larger the chance of playing against amateurs. It is counter-productive to play against professionals without having mastered the basics. Check out for a more detailed how-to on our topic.
  2. Is customer support good? You are dealing with money, therefore, you need a reliable platform. Support needs to be fast and polite.
  3. Is the software reliable? If the website cannot handle heavy traffic and tends to be slow or even crash, change platforms; anything that might mess with your concentration or your money is not worth your time.
  4. Personal banking. There should be no obstacles when choosing to withdraw money or to deposit some. Usually poker sites that support different payment options will make it easy for you to manage your funds.
  5. Finally, bonuses and promotions/loyalty schemes. The best rooms have the best bonuses, be it either a welcome or a deposit one. Promotions are usually perks for retaining users. Loyalty schemes reward customers with a huge number of hands played on the website.

To conclude, if you keep these tips in mind when choosing where to play, and you do your research thoroughly, you should make the right choice. Now go get that cash!

Online Poker Games & The Maltese Archipelago

The ground-breaking success which Malta managed to achieve in the field of online gaming is remarkable. During these last ten years, Malta has positioned itself extremely well in the gaming industry with many flagship companies choosing to set up office in this small European archipelago. Indeed, this industry currently employs thousands of people, both foreign and local.

If one is planning to relocate to Malta, the first step is obviously to choose the right job. Numerous vacancies become available on a weekly basis and these are advertised in dedicated websites. Accessing these websites, sifting through all the job vacancies and matching them with the individual’s competencies and expectations may be a time-consuming and arduous task.

This is where professional advice should be sought. Before opting for a specific job and salary, one needs to factor in all projected expenses including taxation, accommodation, transport, and other ancillary expenses such as childcare expenses (childcare is free in Malta but one may not always be eligible). The offered contract should also be closely scrutinized for any ‘hidden’ clauses.

Residency requirements should also be discussed with professional people. One can initially apply for a tourist visa, which allows foreigners to stay in Malta for up to 90 days. However, eventually one would need to apply for a permanent residency permit. As discussed above, relocating to Malta may not be as easy as envisaged. That is why one should only contact top brokers in this field for advice with a view to avoid unpleasant surprises.

One of the opportunities for employment is the Maltese gaming industry has been growing from strength to strength for the last ten years. Indeed, it seems that the best is yet to come in view of Brexit, with many gaming companies set to relocate to Malta from Gibraltar. Are you willing to take the plunge and join the adventurous travellers in sunny Malta?

Where to Play Poker?

With the arrival of online casinos and poker rooms it means that there is a huge range of options available for poker players. The downside is that this can be daunting and confusing especially for a newcomer. The range of choice is extraordinary but it can be hard to pick out the good sites from the bad. Here are a few simple things to check for when searching for the perfect poker room.

Initially it might seem that the biggest, most well-known sites will be the best but that is not always the case. Of course the bigger sites do have the capacity to offer larger prizes and there are more players available to compete against. They also can provide a larger range of games. However, these sites may not be the best option for newcomers. Smaller sites will have more players of the same level, which means that there is a better chance of winning for a new player.

Other things to use as a guide are the poker bonuses, and has more information on this area. Not all sites offer good ones and it is worth comparing various sites to get the best deals and offers. Usually this type of bonus will be a match deposit bonus. Some places will offer 50%, the usual is 100% match but some will offer a massive 200%, so searching around can reap its rewards.

There are other things to bear in mind as well such as the security and reliability of the site. Gaming sites should be registered with a gaming board, as this requires them to adhere to specific rules that protect players. These authorities will make sure that the casinos adhere to gaming fairness, to third party data protection and also to payment security. It is important to check these out so as not to be scammed into using a substandard site.